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User Onboarding Optimizer Deck (shipped to you)


" Wabala Studio's decks are a fantastic tool for improving user experience. They help you and your team target and focus on specific places that need optimization and give you simple tips and actionable steps to start putting together meaningful changes."

-Kevin Powell (YouTuber, 850k subscribers, Web/CSS), @KevinPowell

"I find the UX Optimizer decks practical for goal alignment and collaboration. I personally love the UX deck of cards in physical form which offers a tangible and interactive approach to understanding and improving user experience. I can definitely picture how it can also be used during workshops as well - it’s fun and quite beneficial for designers!"

-Thi Hannah, Junior UX designer, Montreal

"The UX Optimizer decks are a breath of fresh air in an industry often disconnected from the tangibility of design. They're not only a valuable reference for future projects but also a stylish addition to my coffee table. Highly recommended for anyone looking to enrich their design sensibilities."

-Mark, Owner of Nguyen Digital, UX Researcher, MBA Student at Schulich School of Business, Toronto


This deck enables you to:

Increase in-app user engagement up to 50%

Lead clients to optimize their user engagement strategy

Reduce churn and drop off rates like a champ

Work as an individually or with a core team


  • Freelance designers or researchers — Provide highly informed advice and directions for your clients. Increase their likelihood of developing a successful app.
  • Product teams — Get everyone on the same page and consistent in their engagement and retention approach.
  • Beginners & students — Learn the best tricks in the industry to make the first few minutes post sign-up the most motivating for users.
  • Startup founders and management team — Short on time or budget? Design and prototype an optimized onboarding to keep your users interested post-download.

If you are a designer, a researcher or someone transitioning to UX/product design/user experience, investing in your UX skills can generate 6 figures+ of revenue every year. This deck is the toolkit to help you level up your user experience skills, so you can freelance or consult as a product designer, user researcher or product strategist. You can also use it if you are already working in a product team as a full-time designer or researcher.

If you are a leader in a digital product team, technology company and want to upgrade your product's user experience, this deck gives you the mental framework to optimize the user onboarding of an app or software, so 70% of users don't leave 24 hours post-download.


The Onboarding deck is a user engagement toolkit to help individuals or teams evaluate and ideate an ideal app onboarding experience. Onboarding is one of the toughest experiences to get right and the gateway to your overall digital experience and one of the best investments for a technology company.

How does UX add value?

Investing in UX is a sound business decision for technology companies and any other business that cares about their user and customer experience online. The return on investment of UX is huge. Some companies get 300 to 9,900% of their investment back, but you can expect that about every dollar you invest in UX will bring back 100$. Research and strategy can reduce app development time between 33% to 50%.

Not only that, you should expect to see a reduction in customer service cost, a higher valuation, an increase in sales and customer acquisition, a reduced churn rate and bounce rate, increased brand trust, and more. It is that good. Entrepreneur Paul Graham and co-founder of venture capital firm Y Combinator says that the biggest mistake that kills startups is not making things people want. UX is a process to help teams know what people want, so they can build with a strategy.

What is user experience (UX)?

User experience is more than just pretty pixels. It’s about understanding the journeys, needs and challenges of people and creating digital opportunities to make lives better, through technology.

User experience is a process within digital product design (usually apps and software). It is the commitment to developing digital products with compassion and integrity. It follows a philosophy popularized by IDEO called human-centred design. It aims to balance business goals, human needs with technical constraints, depending on the final output.


  • 1 UX Optimizer box (including the base and lid)
    • 24 cards in total
    • Introductory cards
    • Prompts (main cards)
    • Guideline cards

No software required

No software is required. However, we encourage the use of the following platforms if you are improving user experience for an app or software. If you prefer working digitally, download our digital version of this deck. They come in PNGs, PDFs and are compatible with Miro, Figma and more.

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We donate 10% of our product sales to a non-profit organization called Agape in Action (AinA). Agape in Action invests 100% of donations to support Kenyan kids living in extreme poverty with food, shelter and education. We aim to offer support to 4+ kids per month this year. We will continue to give back and increase our donation year over year.


It is a product-led service company. We offer product strategy workshops and user validation rounds to early-stage startups to fix specific experience bottlenecks and increase user engagement up to 50% and create product-market fit.

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A toolkit to help designers and researchers create the most engaging first few minutes on an app, so users stay interested and motivated.

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User Onboarding Optimizer Deck (shipped to you)

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